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CONSPIRACY: People Started Freaking Out That Joe Burrow Is Hurt After The Bengals Deleted A Video Showing Him Wearing A Brace On His Hand

Yes! I love a good conspiracy theory because of a deleted video from a team. Do I think Joe Burrow is hurt? Yeah, I think he's hurt not injured. He's banged up, probably sore still and now has a quick turnaround to play the Ravens tonight. Not exactly the best timing if you want to rest up and get your body somewhat healthy. But you can't delete the video if you're the Bengals. You gotta leave that up and let people freak out about the brace or sleeve or whatever you want to call it on his throwing hand. 

I love the breakdown of it all too. I need more videos like this with circles and whether or not it's a fashion choice. I actually now say go ahead and delete a bunch of videos. Really spark some conspiracy theories with the ability to post and delete. If Burrow catches wind of this he should 100% show up for pregame wearing the same thing. Just embrace it and send people freaking out because every single fan is irrational anyways. 

We're at the point of the season where guys are just hurt. That's just a fact. We're also at the point of the season where a loss here sends the Bengals in a rough spot trying to make the playoffs. Crazy to think we could see an AFC playoff without the Bengals or Bills, but welcome to football. It happens every year where you get someone like the Texans out of nowhere. 

I'll be honest with college basketball tournaments starting today, I sort of lost some of the juice for tonight's NFL game. I just enjoy college basketball, sue me. But now with a little conspiracy theory? Back on. I have no rooting interest in the game, but I gotta see Al Michaels try to breakdown a deleted twitter video.