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No Brainer: Dan Campbell Reportedly Already Turned Down The Texas A&M Job, Should Be Given A Lifetime Deal By The Lions Right This Second

[Source] - Detroit Lions coach Dan Campbell is not expected to be a candidate for the Texas A&M vacancy, sources told CBS Sports on Tuesday. After backchannel communications were initiated by the Aggies, it was made clear that Campbell would be staying in the NFL with the Lions.

What a win for the Lions. I mean, sure, it's not shocking but Dan Campbell is from Texas, played at A&M and all that shit. Plus A&M can just pay a lot of money - see Jimbo Fisher's buyout. But the Lions are ... good. It's okay to say it, even if it sounds weird. The Lions can win a Super Bowl. I'm 100% serious about that. They have enough pieces to get there, even if it'd be shocking, they can win a Super Bowl. Shit, they might be a 1 seed in the NFC so I guess it's not that crazy. 

But how many years ago would this be a no-brainer? I get that some guys just want to coach in the NFL. You don't have to recruit, deal with the transfer portal, dumb NCAA rules and everything else. But this is the Lions we're talking about. They were once the biggest joke of a franchise arguably in all of sports, let alone the NFL. Instead we love them. If you don't cheer for an NFC North team, I don't know how you can hate this franchise. They are entertaining as shit and finally good, easy to cheer for in my book. 

Shout out to Detroit though. They are keeping their guy, a guy who notoriously chugged beers at A&M until the sun came up:

The whole talking through backchannels thing happens all the time in sports, but to still have them shut it down that quick says something about Campbell and the NFL. Good chance he wins Coach of the Year, or at least on the very shortlist with Ryans. Even if things go to shit with the Lions, he'll get another NFL job. He built this franchise back up to a playoff team, clearly can coach and frankly the NFL needs someone like him on the sidelines.