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Jimbo Fisher's Speech After Saturday's Game Shows He Definitely Knew He Was Getting Canned

That is the speech of a man who absolutely knew he had just coached his final game at Texas A&M. Or if it isn't, I can see why he was trash for the last three years and got fired.

It does seem like after watching this, though, that Fisher had either been told or just kind of knew he was done, which makes me wonder why he wasn't giddy as a schoolgirl. They're giving you $77 million to go hang out at the lake, brother. I'd have been smiling and laughing so hard I wouldn't have been able to make it through the speech.

That speech should have been about 15 seconds. "Fellas, good win tonight. I'm out of here and they're giving me an unbelievable amount of money for failing you guys. Sorry about that. Play hard the rest of the season."

I guess it's probably a good idea to put on a sad face for the cameras, but I wouldn't have been able to contain myself. I hope Jimbo is enjoying his new life as the richest unemployed person in America. Must be nice.