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Ed Cooley Was Forced To Rant About Journalism To Try And Distract People From The Fact He's A Traitor And Georgetown Is Still A Disaster Of A Program

Figured I'd do a little check in on Ed Cooley, a man who famously stabbed his hometown Providence right in the back. A man who left a place where he was basically a god for another team in the conference. He became a trivia answer for first guy to leave a Big East school for another one. Just in case you didn't know, this already happened to Ed Cooley: 

I don't care if it's year 1 and you're doing a complete rebuild, you don't lose to Holy Cross at home. You know where that wouldn't have happened? Providence. Georgetown has become so irrelevant that a home loss to Holy Cross barely made news, it's just who they are these days. Anyways, we have the Gavitt Games going on, so Georgetown is playing at Rutgers last night. Let's check in on a couple things:

1) A very solid fuck Ed Cooley chant by a whole lot of TJ's 

You may wonder why Rutgers fucking hates Ed Cooley, so here's a reminder: 

2) Apparently had an assistant addressing the crowd

Okay, that's actually hilarious. You gotta prove your worth as an assistant and this is apparently how you do it. Go to bat for Cooley and prove you can always defend him. Damn kids wanna chant fuck Ed Cooley, well here's a finger for ya. 

3) Finally there's this weird rant about journalists 

Alright, let me get this straight. Ed Cooley loses another game, goes on about how you can't be scared to ask real questions, a bunch of true big J guys on Twitter start celebrating how great of an answer that is? My response: 

Giphy Images.

What a fucking joke. Yeah, you shouldn't be scared to ask a question or be in awe that you're interviewing someone. But come on, what if someone showed up to that room and started asking about leaving Providence, fuck Ed Cooley chants, Cam Spencer? No shot in hell you get answers and it becomes a waste of time. Spare me the celebration on Twitter for a rant, I'll be here talking about a loss. Because this is just grade A deflection from having everyone saying hey Ed Cooley lost again. 

You can do this rant after a win or prompted or whatever else. You 100% can't do this after a loss. I won't sit by and let Twitter run with good guy Cooley after this. I'm here to say he lost to Rutgers. He lost to Holy Cross. That's what should be talked about. How long of a rebuild is he planning? Hot start though.