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If Al Horford Was Actually About That Life, He Would Have Given Rone A Real Kiss Instead Of Just Blowing One At Him After Drilling A 3 Right Over Embiid

Tim Nwachukwu. Getty Images.

When all is said and done, Al Horford might just be the biggest villain in Philly sports history. Between his time in Boston before coming to Philly, his time on the Sixers being the worst contract in the league, his sister being the absolute worst, going back to Boston, and still continuing to find ways to kill the Sixers even at 37-years-old? This guy just never seems to go away, and he's borderline an arch-nemesis at this point. It's crazy to think that Al Horford is our arch-nemesis, but I don't think another athlete has been a thorn in our side for as consistently long as Horford has. 

Last night was another example. He's 37 and still held Embiid to just 20 points on the night. He hit a couple big 3's. And on top of everything, he ended up blowing Rone, who was sitting courtside with Pres last night, a kiss after the final dagger. 

Now you can say whatever you want about Rone poking the bear here. The thing about talking smack is that sometimes the talk smacks back. Did Rone lose the game for the Sixers last night? I think it would be fair to place at least a small percentage of the blame on him for that. 


Blowing kisses is for cowards. It's a "hold me back" type of move. You want to be the bad guy? You want to be the villain and really stick it to the city of Philadelphia? Then go over there and smooch Rone like a man. Lay a big, wet, sloppy one on him. Ain't nothing wrong with smooching the fellas in the heat of the moment. That's basketball, baby. That just what competitors do. Don't talk about it, be about it. 

So until Al Horford actually kisses Rone, I can't take him seriously as the main villain in Philly sports. If that day does come, though, then it might be time for the Sixers to pack it up for good. In the meantime, the fate remains hanging in the balance. 

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