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Gradey Dick Probably Got Made Fun Of For His Name Growing Up...Now He's Being Introduced Into The Starting Lineup As "Mr. Big Dick Energy". Gradey Dick W.


Kids are mean. Adults are too, but kids are vicious. We all were on the giving and the receiving end of making fun of someone's name. Didn't matter what it was, you would find a way to rhyme it with something or just call it gay. So imagine growing up with the name Gradey Dick. I bet elementary and middle school was fucking ruthless at times. It probably helped he was the best basketball player within a 50 mile radius from the time he was 14 and up, but he probably still heard the chirps from the opposing AAU players. Kids'll be kids!

But now? Now he's being introduced into the starting lineup as Mr. Big Dick Energy. As if being Gatorade Player of the Year, a McDonald's All American, 5 star recruit, and a 1st round draft pick wasn't enough, he's now officially Mr. Big Dick. Someone today in Kansas who called him Gay Dick growing up is punching air. HE would be in the Raptors starting lineup if he didn't twist his ankle at practice in 9th grade. Another Dick W.