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The NBA Is Suspending Draymond Green 5 Games For Putting Rudy Gobert In A Chokehold

David Berding. Getty Images.

I think most people who saw Draymond Green put Rudy Gobert in a chokehold figured that Adam Silver and the league weren't going to be too thrilled. I don't think the question was "if" Draymond would be suspended, but more "how long". When you add in the act, who did it, the prior incidents, there was no way Draymond was going to walk away without something.

Even if nobody likes Rudy Gobert, this was clearly a case of taking things a tad too far. After waiting all day for the verdict, now we know

Honestly? That's probably about right. A 2 game suspension feels too light and anything over 5 feels like too much. Just enough to make it sting but not enough to royally screw the Warriors over. Now it sucks this comes at a time when Steph Curry is currently out with an injury, but that's not the NBA's problem. That's why you probably shouldn't go around choking people. You run the risk of not being able to be there for your team, and now GS has to go through a run of OKC/OKC/HOU/PHX/SA. There's not an easy game in that stretch now that the Rockets are off to a great start, the Suns are back to being fully healthy, and you end with Wemby. Having a key defender for those games probably would have been pretty helpful.

Of course, we know what comes next. Draymond will play the victim, say it's all bullshit and he gets unfair treatment. Then everyone will move on until he does something like this again, and we do the dance all over again.