Four-Time World Series Champion Bruce Bochy Admitted That He Would Sometimes Get Ejected On Purpose In Order To Fire Up His Team And Be Able To Watch The Game With Air Conditioning

On today's Pardon My Take... BRUCE BOCHY! The four-time World Series Champion joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter on today's show just two weeks after winning it all with the Texas Rangers to talk about the World Series Run, managing baseball, Tim Lincecum, his love of baseball, and more.

There are no better Big J's in this business than Big Cat and PFT, and they fired away with some very important questions for Skip. With 162 regular season games, plus 30ish Spring Training games, and 15-20 playoff games on the schedule, things may get repetitive for baseball players, coaches, and managers. It's a ton of travel and a ton of time spent at ballparks all across America.

So with that, Big Cat asked Bochy: does he ever try to get thrown out of a game on purpose so that he gets a little change of scenery and can also fire up his team? Without hesitation, the answer was yes:

You have to respect the honesty here from Bruce Bochy. The 4x champ has managed more than FOUR THOUSAND Major League Baseball Games in his career, so you really can't blame him for taking the initiative here and trying to do this.

Props to him and props to the Texas Rangers for winning their first World Series title in franchise history.