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Pedro Pascal Is "Close to a Deal" To Be Reed Richards

OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH. 2023 was the rise of Pedro Pascal. 2024 will be WORLD DOMINATION. I sent this to Clem and Robbie and Clem made a great point. Pedro Pascal is too many well-known characters. "He is gonna be like SEVEN people in my brain" is what Clem said and I agree. He is the Mandolorian, Joel from The Last of Us, and Oberyn Martell!! Now add Reed Richards to that list! That is wild. I really do like this idea though. Anything with Pedro Pascal and I'm on board! He is an incredible actor so I'm sure he can do Reed Richards justice.

Here is who I would want for the rest of the cast:

Glen Powell as Johnny Storm

Gabe Ginsberg. Getty Images.

Vanessa Kirby as Sue Storm

Jamie McCarthy. Getty Images.

David Harbour as The Thing

Jason LaVeris. Getty Images.

This is my opinion. No questions at this time.