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Balenciaga Is Selling a Bath Towel Skirt for $925

Balenciaga just loves to dig themselves deeper and deeper into their hole. First, they make campaigns that had people saying that they promote child exploitation. These freaks at Balenciaga ran ad campaign featuring children holding teddy bears in bondage harnesses. And now A BATH TOWEL??? FOR ALMOST A GRAND?? They are just rubbing it in poor people's face at this point. Balenciaga is also known for their absolutely ABSURD clothing and somehow I guess it has worked for them. 

These pants look like they have poop on them. They are $2,450. For poopy pants. What the actual fuck. 

They also did a collab with Crocs to do a high-heeled croc. 

The bath towel though. That just really takes the fucking cake. I can go into my bathroom right now and grab my gray bath towel that cost $20 and wear that. BUT I WOULDN'T. BECAUSE IT IS A BATH TOWEL. Next thing you know, we are gonna see Drake wearing this at his next concert. People are gonna say "wow! how out of the box!" when in reality Balenciaga is JUST STEALING MONEY FROM PEOPLE. Such a fucking joke, and I'm sure people are gonna buy this.