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It's A Shame Every Wedding Doesn't Have Makeshift Beer Pong Like This

You know what needs to make a way bigger post-college comeback? Beer Pong. Beer Pong's a fucking blast. Back in my minimal college days and high school days much like I'm sure it was in your times as well, Beer Pong was a goddamn religion. I sucked to the point of my shots being so fast that I was often referred to as Matt Harvey (remember this was in 2013-2014), though I had a great time doing it. So now every once in awhile when you get the fellas together and play a few games of pong you have to cherish it and what better congregation of friends do you have as you get more elderly than at a wedding? Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do! I mean...weddings are supposed to be FUN right?

That's what brings me to my next point-I think I'm coming to the terms that I really, really, really want to have a football wedding when it eventually becomes my time to get married. Obviously that's contingent on my future beautiful wife's wishes when it comes to getting betrothed, but a football wedding sounds sweet. Rent out a nice local hall, save thousands of dollars, get your favorite local. band or DJ's, couple coolers of your favorite drinks, drinking games on top of drinking games like pong, flip cup, and everything in between, AND most importantly everyone gets to dress comfortably. Wear whatever the hell ya want! That truly sounds like heaven to me.