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This Bride Ripping Shots Right Before Walking Down The Aisle Is The Sign Of Any Good Marriage

This absolutely ROCKS! I know there has got to be people out there saying a few things about this as soon as they saw it. You'll have the crowd whining about how there's no way this marriage is going to work because the Bride just *needs!* to drink liquor before walking down the aisle to see her husband and tie the knot, you'll have the crowd saying she's not taking this seriously because of those actions, and you'll have people saying her Maid of Honor and Dad are bad influences due to these pretty fucking awesome actions.

Well ya know what I have to say to that? Those people are....narcs! That Bride could very well still love her husband a lot despite having some shots of Tequila before heading down the aisle! You know what people tend to do a lot on big days with people they love the most like parents and best friends? Drink alcohol. And ya ever think that walking down the aisle in front of hundreds of people could be nerve-wracking? I'm sure it very well can be.

If you want my humble opinion I'd have to say this couple will go on to live happily ever after and have a gorgeous life together. It would only make sense if the groom and his fellas were enjoying some vodka or whiskey in their pre-game room as well before the big show! Good for them. Wish them a lifetime of health and happiness...and while I'm here I gotta give a little hat tip to the father of the bride. That man was DOWNING that! Had to be at least 3 shots in there. My president.