Ranking The Barstool Office's Golf Swings

I can't tell if I picked the best possible time or the worst possible time to do a golf swing video. Chicago recently unveiled their new office with a state of the art golf simulator, and as of last night Bussin' With The Boys and Foreplay started beefing over golf merch. Meanwhile Ol' Vibbsy is trying to get a traction on a video he knows will get comments. There are a lot of dark corners of the internet, but none worse than golf critic twitter. You could have a swing smooth as butter, and people will tell you to jump off a bridge for not following through with your swing. The haters in the comments were FURIOUS watching Barstool take infield practice, so I imagine people's heads will explode watching the office swing a golf club. 

"THESE are the people you have talking about sports?!?" I'll admit, some of these swings are downright shameful, but here are the swings of the office ranked from worst to best ... 

Meek Phil: In all fairness this was Meek's first time ever holding a golf club. At first he walked up to the tee box and tried to hold the club backwards instead of hitting the ball with the face of the club. Not a great look, but Meek lives and breathes baseball. He doesn't have time for golf. 

Ebony: Another first timer holding a club. Eb hasn't even played mini-golf. Wild. I was informed by Ebony that black people don't golf. Ever heard of Tiger Woods? 

Caroline: If golf was show tunes, Caroline would be dominating the sport. 

Klemmer: Old people are great at golf. Gotta love the old guy on the course who steps up and routinely smacks the ball straight down the fairway. They can't hit the ball far with their old bones, but damnit they are consistent. Klemmer is not one of those old guys. His swing is ugly and he should throw his clubs into the river. 


Kenjac: This is the swing of a guy who golfs to drink with his friends. Bachelor party weekend and the boys go golfing, he'll show up to drive the cart and have a good time. 

Tommy Smokes: The form of a limp, wet noodle. We have finally found the one thing Tommy can't win. 

Frank The Tank: Frank's greatest strength is his short game. He's a killer on the mini-golf course. If you needed to use your irons in putt-putt, Frank would deem it a worth while skill. 


Nate: This man is coming off a broken foot. Like Tiger in the 2008 battling two stress fractures and a torn ACL, Nate refuses to quit. Oh, but his swing is ass. 

Kelly Keegs: Not bad, but the only way Keegs would become a regular on the golf course is if Taylor Swift picked up golfing. 

Glenny Balls: A lefty switching to the right side is no easy task. Not only is Glenny one of the fastest in the office, he's also one of the best ambidextrous athletes. 

Hubbs: As Hubbs lined up his shot he said, "I saw this in a video." Nothing like watching a how to online and thinking oh, that's why I am not a good at insert any activity. Only to try that tip and improve 0% at the activity you've attempted. 


Vibbs: Whether it's shooting a basketball or hitting a gold ball it's all about smooth form and a follow through. I actually think I did that pretty well. Am I the most humble person in the world not putting myself first? Some are saying, yes. 

John Rich: I didn't even look at JR's swing. If you can juggle a golf ball on the face of the club, you are basically Tiger Woods. I can't juggle a golf ball, so John Rich is above me. 

Jack Mac: The king of Tik Tok and now the links? Impressive stuff from Jack Mack.

Gia: Gia has dominated the sports we've tried to do in the office. She has a pretty damn good swing, and golf is like her 7th best sport.


Marty Mush: If you are going to golf with Mike Francesa, you better be somewhat decent to spare yourself the embarrassment of looking like a fool in front of the king of sports talk radio. 

Frankie: Another lefty hitting as a righty, and doing it well. He's come a long way from Frankie Butterknives. 

Sam: Beautiful shot. The only person not afraid to get under the ball. BUT, since he is production and not content, he doesn't count as a real person and we cannot hang out with him. DQ'ed from the match.