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Tom Brady Bet CJ Stroud That Michigan Will Beat Ohio State And If He Loses He Will Give Him One Of His Super Bowl Rings

This is something you shouldn't joke about. I wish any bet I made was this lopsided because it would be the best thing ever. If Tom Brady doesn't give him his ring after this I don't think we can trust him anymore. If he is being completely serious I would give him credit for having some big balls but what can CJ Stroud even put up if he wanted to. I think being here if you don't pay up on your bets you basically die and get fired but Tom lives in La La land so this is all stupid. 

I think that this Michigan, Ohio State game might be the most watched game in college football history even counting championships. That may sound stupid but with the Connor Stallions stuff, Jim Harbaugh saying that they should be Americas team, we just have never had a stakes and a story line like this in College Football. Michigan also winning the last two head to head game and kind of beating the shit out of them, so Ohio State fans are on edge because losing 3 in a row is a disaster for them. Also winner of this game gets into the College Football Playoff. I think Tom is a fraud and wont do this and will never go through with his bet so this is just stupid. Regardless CJ Stroud is having the best season on the field and off the field. He can have the worst games of his career for the rest of the season and he will be beloved forever because Bryce Young has been awful. Regardless though this bet is stupid and will ever happen but we will see.