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The First Look Of Sydney Sweeney As Spider-Woman Is Here And We Were Robbed

It's barely noon and I've already unfortunately become triggered. Listen, I don't know shit about movies, I've probably watched like under 100 in my near 30 year existence of being an AI robot. I wouldn't be surprised if Jeff D Lowe shoots me a text or wire signal telling me to stop talking about film because it hurts our blog quality a la Steven Cheah. But I do know about Sydney Sweeney, quite well actually, but maybe not as much as Meek Phil who ran over in excitement when this dropped. And I'll say it: this first look is trash. Give the people what they want. All we could get was a still image and like 1.4 seconds of her in the actual trailer? Do they understand the pageviews that are at stake here?!

Sydney Sweeney is top 2 and she's not 2 if we're talking new age media darlings and there's more than a couple reasons why:

And let's call a spade a spade: she's a great actress. I'd argue there's no one better suited for the lucrative role of Spider-Woman. Am I qualified to say that? Probably not, but that's the beauty of this blog. Don't take it from me, she's on a casting roll with gigs and her movie with Glen Powell drops next month:

And if you care about the logistics of her role as Spider-Woman, just take it from Robbie who said he doesn't have high hopes for the movie or that she'll suit up in the Julia Carpenter black/white outfit:

Anyway, it seems my time as a movie critic is done for today. I will be watching Madame Web when it drops, and you probably should too. And I'm nothing if I don't appease the commenters, so here you go and farewell: