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Love The Move By This Brazilian Soccer Club's Staff To Storm The VAR Room Mid-Match And Demand Answers On Shitty Calls

[Source] - As quoted by Brazilian newspaper O Globo via Yalla Live, Nunes said on the incident: “This was my way of protesting against the absurdity of the VAR referee.

"It does not help the field referee. There was a clear penalty, how long will we continue to see these mistakes?”

Nunes added: “Years go by, presidents of the referees’ committee change, but we still see the same mistakes. I am not excusing my actions, I made a mistake and my behavior was inappropriate.

This is how you do it. This is how you storm a VAR room. No more complaining or going to the press, go right to the source. Why the hell are you making bad calls? You bully your way in there and go right to the man who is doing so. Here's what happened: 

Corinthians defender Matheus Bidu was denied an early penalty by the referee, who soon handed Bruno Mendez a straight red card after checking the incident on a pitchside monitor.

Yeah, I'd say that's worth storming something. You want justice, you storm a room. I just want to know what the end game was. There's no way you actually flip a VAR room's mind if you go in and complain. If anything they just get more pissed and start calling more stuff against you. That's reffing 101. That said, the funniest part of this all? Corinthians ended up winning the match. I think that makes me love the decision to storm the room even more. 

I swear there are no rules in European and South American soccer. You just never know if you're getting hooligans on the pitch or your staff demanding answers. I love it. It makes the games feel like they matter more and frankly we need more of this in America.