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"Masters of Air" Has Released A Few of the Interviews That The Show Will Be Built Around Which Prove The Series Will Be Absolutely Incredible

John "Lucky" Luckadoo was eager to get into the war after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and enlisted alongside his college classmates early in 1942. Luckadoo would complete flight training and go on to serve in the 8th Air Force in one of the first units to take the fight to Germany, the 100th Bomb Group, known as the "Bloody Hundredth". Lucky would serve as pilot and copilot aboard a B-17 Flying Fortress and fly 25 death-defying combat missions over France and Germany. On March 16, 2023 John "Lucky" Luckadoo celebrated his 101st birthday. He is the last living WWII pilot from the "Bloody Hundredth".

The 100th Bomb Group was part of the United States Army Air Forces and played a vital role in the air campaign against Nazi Germany. Their missions involved flying B-17 Flying Fortress bombers deep into enemy territory to strike important targets. The nickname "Bloody Hundredth" reflected the high cost they paid in terms of casualties and the challenging nature of their missions. What they went through was absolute hell on earth and there's no other way to put it. 

The members of the 100th Bomb Group faced all kinds of shit during their missions. Flying over enemy territory meant encountering fierce opposition from German fighter planes and anti-aircraft fire. Not great! The skies were dangerous, and the airmen had to navigate through a barrage of enemy defenses to complete their missions. The courage and determination displayed by these men in the face of such challenges were truly remarkable.

The impact of the 100th Bomb Group's efforts was felt not only on the battlefield but also in the hearts and minds of those they fought to protect. The sacrifices made by these airmen were immense, with many losing their lives or being captured by the enemy. The bravery and resilience of the 100th Bomb Group became a symbol of American determination and the high cost of freedom.

The 100th Bomb Group participated in several raids on Berlin, the capital of Nazi Germany. These missions were among the most dangerous, given Berlin's heavily fortified defenses and the long distances the bombers had to cover. The crews faced relentless attacks from German fighters and anti-aircraft fire. The bravery displayed during these raids showcased the 100th Bomb Group's commitment to taking the fight to the heart of the enemy.

To say that I'm excited for this series is such an understatement. When the first Band of Brothers series came out, I hadn't joined yet. The series was released right around the time of 9/11. I was about 18 years old and didn't appreciate all things military like I do now. I didn't know what people went through -still don't to this level or anything close- but I do have some idea what the fear feels like. I do have some idea about what it means to feel lonely, detached, and physically maimed and exhausted. 

Watching Masters of Air will be emotional and that was confirmed by the interview you can watch above. January 26th cannot get here enough. 

PS: using the same backdrop for these interviews is such a good touch.