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Pat Bev Says Karl-Anthony Towns Is "Bogus As Hell" For Not Defending Rudy Gobert In Last Night's Scuffle With Draymond Green

What a clip here from the NBA's premier podcast that we are so lucky to have under the pirate ship. What a turnaround from Pat Bev and Rone after Pat played 28 minutes last night and immediately hopped in the podcast studio to record. That's why they're the best in the business.

Anyway, let me try writing about this clip like our favorite human rain delay Greenie would:

Wow did you guys hear Pat Bev say KAT should have defended his teammate? I agree because that's your teammate. If any guy should have your back it's him. Remember Pat Bev used to be on the Timberwolves? Wow that was a cool time in the league. If he played with Rudy, he would have defended him probably. The NBA is such a great league man. Go Celtics.

No shit that no one on the Timberwolves like Rudy Gobert. He's been a little better this year and the Timberwolves have won 7 games in a row for the first time probably ever so he's off the leash for now, but he's the most hatable player in the league and it's not because he's to blame for COVID. He's on a horrible contract and the Wolves are perennial garbage and I'm legitimately from Minnesota. And no shit you have to defend your guy and KAT is clearly in the wrong here, but he let his play on the court do the talking after he dropped 33 and 12 in a win. I call it a wash and just another night in the NBA. But as the premier Lakers fan in this office, I wouldn't be opposed to a season long ban for Draymond, Klay, Rudy, KAT, and hell, even Anthony Edwards because he was in the vicinity. That's the only way to keep an ounce of integrity in this league!

Fuck it, two hours of LeBron highlights: