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Welcome To The Chaos: Bert Kreischer Running And Take Out An Idiot Protestor Was The Perfect Start To The Netflix Cup

Oh fuck yeah, this is how you start the Netflix Cup. I have no idea why you'd protest something about dogs here, granted I'd listen to anything dog related. I can't believe Bert Kreischer came out of nowhere to break it up. Dude is a stand up comedian, Barstool guest and typically shirtless man telling me about drinking vodka in Russia. Now he's breaking up a protest during a golfing match featuring PGA Tour guys and F1 drivers. Sure. 

He wasn't just there to be there, he was helping call the event, so it makes some sense. But either way, I need him to lay down the law when it comes to shutting down a protester. I mean shit, if we can have pro golfers get spear tackled on the green celebrating with his pal, surely you can be allowed to take someone out at this event: 

Justice is served. Feel like if you shouldn't be allowed to get in trouble for taking out someone interrupting a stupid sporting event. Let the boys play golf and just shut the fuck up. Job well done by Bert here. Head on a swivel, be alert. Also, where the fuck is security? How is it possible that high school events had more guys in yellow shirts around than this tee box? Seems like that's a little something to take away from this. 

All I know is Bert made the play he had to here.