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Rudy Gobert Wasted No Time And Absolutely Cooked Draymond Green In Response To His Chokehold And Ejection

Noah Graham. Getty Images.

By now we've all seen the fight that took place in the first two minutes of last night's Warriors/Wolves game, but just in case you were sleeping last night, here's one more look

It's not every day that you see an NBA player but another guy in a chokehold like that. Unfortunately for the Warriors, not only did they have to deal with the Draymond and Klay ejections with Steph already out with a knee sprain, they also had to deal with Anthony Edwards late who is proving to be THAT GUY. Can we talk quickly about the final Wolves possession that essentially iced the win?

What patience/vision from Edwards in that spot with the game in the balance, and what huge stones on Mike Conley to not only make the shot, but I loved how he just stood there while everyone went nuts after he made it. That was cold. The Wolves have now beat DEN/BOS/MIA, and GS 2x. That's about as legit a resume as you'll find in the NBA I'm afraid.

Anyway, back to Gobert/Draymond. 

When this all went down last night I couldn't help but think there was maybe something personal that motivated Draymond to act that way, as we have mountains of evidence that suggests both Rudy Gobert and Draymond Green hate each other's guts. So once Draymond got tossed, I couldn't wait to hear what Gobert had to say about it after the game. If you've followed their beef, you knew he was going to come with something.

I have to say, Rudy did not disappoint

Giphy Images.

10 out of 10, no notes. I mean, Gobert absolutely cooked Draymond with that quote. I might go so far as to say this is the perfect trash talk/response. Why was it so good? Well, if you believe the reports of why Draymond actually punched Jordan Poole

This is essentially what Gobert is saying. All Draymond actually is, is just a Steph Curry Merchant. If he doesn't have his binkie on the court with him, Draymond doesn't want to play. Basically called him a meat rider if we're being honest. That all Draymond's success is basically via riding Steph's coattails. You know that cuts Draymond deep, and that's why it's such a good response. Gobert didn't have to go crazy, he just had to speak what many think is the truth. 

I'll be honest, it feels a little weird sticking up or siding with Rudy Gobert on pretty much anything, but I don't know how you could have any other stance after last night. I can't even imagine Warriors fans are in Draymond's corner with this one. 

As of the writing of this blog, I haven't seen Draymond respond in any form yet. No IG story, no tweet, no instant reaction podcast, nothing. Maybe that was under direction from his team, or maybe he knows deep down Rudy is right? It's hard to say. But what I can say is that Rudy needed to come strong with his postgame comment on what happened, and he most definitely cooked. Good for him.