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Deshaun Watson Reportedly Wanted To Get Shot Up And Continue To Play, But Doctors Said His Shoulder Could Literally Fall Apart

Let me say this: I hope this is true. I pray this is true. I need this to be true for my own sanity. I want nothing more than our QB1 to be willing to shatter his own shoulder for the city of Cleveland. 

.....but I'm calling bullshit. This ain't Baker Mayfield we're talking about here.

You're telling me that Deshaun "Mr. 230,000,000 Guaranteed" Watson was begging to continue to play? I'm not saying the man isn't a little perturbed by the fact that he could be leading a Super Bowl caliber roster into the playoffs, but I'm also not willing to say that a man who gets paid whether he plays or not has shown any signs of uhhh, toughing it out for the team:

This is like giving Jimbo Fisher the option of continuing to coach, recruit, and work 24/7 or to sit on his couch watching college football with a couple beers each Saturday. What would he rather do? If you're still getting $75 million either way, no one in their right mind would choose to work. And it's no different here, maybe even more drastic when you talk about getting hit by NFL players. I'm not saying Deshaun could've continued to play, but what I am saying is that the Browns messed up with the fully guaranteed contract. Why play through anything when the pay doesn't change? I'm not getting tackled by TJ Watt when I could be sitting on my couch collecting that same paycheck.

But anyways, if it is true that Deshaun wants to get shot up every week to continue to play, my response:

If he wants to play, let him play! I've had enough of these damn doctors telling people what they can and cannot do. And besides, he went 14 of 14 with a broken shoulder and came back to beat the Ravens. I say we let him play.