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Deshaun Watson Is OUT FOR THE YEAR With A Shoulder Injury And The Browns Season Is Officially Over

Un-fucking-believable. The most Browns thing to ever happen to the Browns.

You know how Megan Rapinoe said the other day that if you needed proof that there wasn't a God, it was her getting hurt in her last ever game? Well if you needed proof that there is a God and he fucking hates Cleveland, this is it. In a season where we finally have not only a playoff contending team, but a SUPER BOWL CONTENDING roster, we have now lost: the best running back in football, our best offensive lineman, and our $230,000,000 QB1 for the entire season.

And despite having lost both Nick Chubb and Jack Conklin early, the Browns defense still emerged as the best in the league, and the offense has started to come around to the point where we are legitimate, bonafide Super Bowl contenders. And that's not some sort of favoritism or homerism. NFL Experts as of YESTERDAY had the Browns as one of the eight teams that even have a chance.

Hang the banner. We were on Big Cat's Week 10 Super Bowl Contender List. And unfortunately, that is all that will come of this year. People will try and convince you that the season is not over, but it is. This team is 6-3 in the toughest division in the sport, and we're about to head into what was the biggest regular season game in Browns history since returning in 1999, with PJ fucking Walker as our stating quarterback. TJ Watt may murder him.

We should try and go get Josh Dobbs. Oh wait, we had him this year and let him go for a 6th round pick. And now the trade deadline has passed and we're going to be putting all of our eggs into PJ Walker and rookie Dorian Thompson-Robinsons baskets. What a swing and a miss from Andrew Berry. I know hindsight is 20/20, but foresight should've been a little less blurry when you think of how much time Deshaun had already missed this year. What made us think he'd be an iron man through the rest of the season? We needed a better plan B.

....what draft pick will we get if we lose out and finish 6-11? Might be worth looking at a tank now. This season is flat out over. I know there has been a blueprint laid that you can win with an average QB and an elite defense, but the QBs we have on our roster are so far from average that it's pointless. We're 6-3 and I predict an 8-9 season. What's the point of that? You simply cannot win a division and a playoff game with PJ Walker as your QB. Can't do it.

So where do we turn from here? Nick Foles? Cam Newton? Or maybe.....


Look, I'll try anything. I just know the answer isn't PJ Walker. And the window for this team (despite missing 3 of it's best players), is NOW.

And yes, let's address it: Two Hundred and Thirty Million. GUARANTEED. People will take this opportunity as a cheap shot at Deshaun, but this is not his fault. The only people at fault here are the Cleveland fans that actually believed that this team would be hosting playoff football and could win their first ever Super Bowl. I never drink the kool aid anymore, but I did after beating the Ravens in Baltimore last Sunday. Best 3 days of our lives….