Nets Fans Have Now Resorted To Disaster Draft Scenarios Which Would Only Happen If 5 Players Died To Try And Fix Their Team

NBA Reddit and its social media in general is a special place. I'd argue it's the craziest sports discussion on the interwebs and it's not particularly close. The NBA is a soap opera lemonade, and its fans are the straw that stirs the drink. Sure, the NFL has fellas pondering trade scenarios in fantasy football that include banging your buddies wife that you've dreamed about for years:

Or remember that guy who took the time to analyze James Harden's performance in every city to see if there was any correlation with the availability and luxury of strip clubs in the area?

But none may be crazier than this Nets fan wondering what would happen if their franchise just happened to kill 5 of their players to try and fix the team. My man nonchalantly brought up the scenario like this is something every failing franchise should do. I'm the premier Lakers fan in this office and have been blessed with ample success in this league, but I'd be lying if I said this wouldn't have sounded at least a little intriguing to me when I was watching Tarik Black and Ryan Kelly start for the Purple and Gold. 

And what an ending line to what is certainly a piece of literature if I've ever seen it. What do you guys think? Should other teams do this and which ones? He wrote that so nonchalantly that he certainly had Pistons fans at least researching what this guy is spewing about. Also, only being able to protect 5 players is kind of bullshit. This strategy, albeit risky, would absolutely work if you could just pull the best 6th man from any team you wanted. It's a no brainer. Imagine just pulling a Manu Ginobili back in the day? Or an Immanuel Quickley today? I don't have to give you a Castellani style 2500 word review on the Nets to tell you that they're horrible. It's the cheapest ticket in NYC in a place you can't even breathe for under $50. That should say enough.

And maybe our resident Nets murderer fan got some inspiration from some of the other psychos on Reddit? I did some research and found those boomers at r/baseball already tried to add death in the equation to boost ratings:


Sports fans. Nothing like 'em.