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Meagan Good Fights Back Against Hellacious Claim That She's Had a Brazilian Butt Lift

Hatnim Lee. Getty Images.

Meagan Good is a generational talent. I'm not sure she's known for one specific movie over the years, but more for just being incredibly good looking in anything she cares to partake in. She did have a brief recurring role in Californication that I appreciate as a Hank Moody stan myself. 

Aside from movies and TV she's also been name dropped in various rap songs by Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, J. Cole, French Montana, and Young Thug. Her big moment in that department came as the starring role in 50's '21 Questions' music video. 

So yeah, I think there's a justified universal appreciation for Meagan Good. That's why when haters come out from the rafters, big or small, she's got to go to war and defend the brand. 

BBL means Brazilian Buff Lift by the way. Took me a few minutes on that one. 

The comment comes from this video below

Relatable stuff though. I too post thirst traps that spurn haters into thinking my appearance is augmented. Just another day at the office for people like Meagan and myself. It's an exhausting existence, but it's the hand we were dealt. 

But yeah when you're looking that good at 42 I'd be pissed if anyone thought my shit was fake. Those commenters are basically terrorists. Is it a little thin skinned to let that bother you? Sure, but I'm never gonna knock someone for defending themselves. One comment could turn into a tidal wave of backlash. You let one enemy through the wall then you're potentially open to attack. 

Now overall does this blog have any importance whatsoever? Not at all. Legitimately zero. All I'm really doing is just posting some smut and showing some appreciation to an OG smoke in the game for decades now. Meagan Good, it's real I believe you. Keep on doing you. 

How Jonathan Majors got into all that trouble recently and THEN found himself Meagan Good is something I'll never quite understand.