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I'm So Goddamn Sick Of Hearing About Moral Victories When It Comes To Kentucky Basketball

I know we'll be fine. I know it's November and all I hear from people is that November games don't matter, it's all about March. This is a bigger thing. I'm sick of hearing about moral victories. That's cute for a mid major or some up and coming team. Not Kentucky. We don't do moral victories. There's nothing true about that when it comes to Kentucky hoops.

Yes, Kentucky lost. Yeah, I don't care about the NCAA and injuries tampering with this team. I don't care that this is a freshmen-led team that will grow during the year. You had Kansas dead to rights and all you did was let this team back with some open threes by Harris and bad shots in the second half. I don't even care that DJ Wagner and Justin Edwards forgot how to play basketball. It all happens. That doesn't go to 'oh we're so close.' No, I'm sick of losing these games. 

You can do moral victories for someone else. I ain't gonna do it. I'm so sick of seeing people say oh hey Kentucky looked the part in a loss! That doesn't matter. Yes, March matters, but you know what? Winning a game you're up double digits matters to. That's a statement win, if you hold on. All you had to do was capitalize on it all and not look terrible for a 5 minute stretch in the 2nd half. 

Yeah, Kentucky will be fine. But that's not the point. I don't want to hear moral victory bullshit anymore.