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A Fight Broke Out In The Warriors/Timberwolves Game So Draymond Green Took It Upon Himself To Put Rudy Gobert In A Chokehold

The Warriors and Timberwolves just played each other on Sunday. It was a thrilling game with a whole bunch of shit talking on both sides. You could say things were a little testy between the two teams.

What I don't think anyone saw coming was a legit fight less than 2 minutes into the start of the rematch. I mean holy shit 

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At first I wasn't sure what happened between Klay and Jaden McDaniels, but as you can see their beef started well before midcourt. McDaniels didn't love how Klay was holding onto him with one arm (you can see him try and chop/pull it down), and that's what starts their tussle all the way down the floor. You could tell that was where things were headed as soon as they didn't initially separate.

Then once you have a good old fashioned HOLLLDDD MMEEE BAAACKKK NBA fight, everything is on the table. You'll notice Draymond Green wasted no time flying in and putting Rudy Gobert in a headlock of some sort. I mean he legit tried to choke Rudy Gobert out! I know people don't love Rudy Gobert, but I feel like most people have his side in this situation. Tough break for him. 

You almost get the sense that it was personal for Draymond at that moment. Remember, these two definitely despise one another


So to have that in mind and then see how Draymond reacted/acted, you can't tell me there wasn't something extra going on. It was almost like Draymond lost his mind while becoming blind with rage or something. He took the whole shit on Rudy Gobert joke thing WAY too far, and I imagine he'll be suspended for it. Given the history, it seems pretty obvious.

Draymond, McDaniels, and Klay all got tossed which isn't exactly a surprise. Pretty sure you can't fight and choke out players in an NBA game. Not a huge rulebook guy, but I feel like that's probably in there. Klay probably got a raw deal given that McDaniels kind of started things, but that's what happens in today's NBA I guess. What's funny is Draymond just got ejected the other night against the Cavs for doing some dirty shit in transition to Donovan Mitchell, so I imagine the league isn't thrilled with him at the moment.

Adam Silver wanted people to watch his new tournament games, well here's one way to do it. Just allow people to fight and ratings will be through the roof.