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Set The Tone: Kentucky Benchwarmer Giving The Kansas Mascot The Middle Finger Is How I Know Cal Found His Juju Again

This right here is how I know Kentucky is back. The NCAA might be against us refusing to give us a 7-footer, they might have even injured two of them. That's right folks. Kentucky has 21 feet of injuries and ineligibility but it doesn't matter. Cal got his swagger back. He loves this team. Titus talked about how good this team is so if you don't trust me, a Kentucky normal person, trust him. This is what we need. A benchwarmer setting the tone. Tell that Jayhawk to fuck right off. No bird should be that big. You tell him to keep on walking. You tell him that Kansas just got some wins vacated. Take that banner down. A Final Four in 2018? Don't even remember it. 

This is what we need though. This is how we look the part. We're the bad boys of college basketball. We tell mascots to fuck off because mascots don't make sense. It's just a human dressed as a bird. Take it and go with it. Be cocky and play cocky. God I love this school.