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The Detroit Pistons Are A Goddamn Disgrace

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog saying that the Detroit Pistons might not suck. It seemed like the young core was potentially coming together. They have proceeded to lose ten games in a row. They've been injured since like 2013, and the problems that have persisted within the organization over the last decade and a half continue to shine through.It looks like another year of rebuilding for a team that feels like they've been doing it forever. I am so baffled at how a team that has been bad for this long can be so severely lacking in talent. I think it's time to question whether or not Troy Weaver knows what he's doing. 

I don't think the Detroit Pistons get enough heat. What I'm about to say is very controversial, but I just don't think Detroit is a great basketball city anymore. If the Tigers went 16 years in a row where they sucked shit through a straw, people would revolt. The Lions are a bit of a different story because football is king, but if the Red Wings were bad for 16 straight years, people would stop going to Little Caesars Arena. No one came into this year expecting the Detroit Pistons to be good, but how many years of incompetence do we need to see before we come to terms with the fact that the people in place might not know what they're doing? 

They don't play fucking defense. They can't shoot the ball, and I'll be honest: Cade Cunningham seems like a really good player, but I don't think he's a superstar. You tanked a few years ago to get a solid number two option on a good NBA team. There are definitely worse number-one picks, but this guy ain't generational. Many people (myself included) praised Troy Weaver's draft picks at the time. Either we were duped, or there's something within the Detroit Pistons player development system that isn't allowing these guys to reach their full potential. I'll put it simply, I think their roster sucks. 

We live in a world where the Detroit Lions are one of the best stories in football. Remember that the Detroit Lions are the worst organization in the history of professional sports, and a few good years under Dan Campbell aren't going to change that unless they find a way to win a Super Bowl. I say that with affection. They've experienced a remarkable turnaround. Things are generally looking up for Detroit sports, and yet you have a team in the Detroit Pistons who are still playing in a relatively new arena and have been stuck in neutral for fifteen years. 

Much like with the Detroit Tigers, I'd be willing to put up with losing if I felt like there was some kind of upward trajectory. Let's be honest here: the team is getting worse. It's sucks that Bojan Bogdanovic is injured. If he was fully healthy, the Pistons would be what? Maybe 8-28 over their last 36 games? They're so far behind the eight-ball that I can't even sympathize with the injury issues. As an injured team, they're an embarrassment. As a healthy team, they're still awful. 

This team hasn't won a playoff game since I was in sixth grade. "The Dark Knight" hadn't even been released in theaters yet. Where is the heat? Where is the anger? This is pathetic. And as I alluded to, I'm not seeing improvement. I'm watching the same Pistons team we've seen over the last ten years. Whatever momentum they might've had appears to be dead. Either they fix this thing fast, or another rebuild may be inevitable.