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I Re-Invented The Game Of Golf

I was nice enough to hop on Barstool Golfs with Fat Frankie and Simple Trent and give them the "Smokes bump." Even though golf isn't really my thing, and even though I would rather be water boarded than spend  45 with minutes with the two of them (bad people), I decided to do it anyway to help out the company. Foreplay is seriously one of my top 5 favorite golf brands at Barstool so it was an honor to be asked. And even though I'm a very amateur golfer, I came extremely close to a hole-in-one and even managed to reinvent the game of golf with what people are calling "The Scoop."

My only real blunder was when I badly misread what I thought was a romantic moment between me and Frankie. 

And while this episode may not have the best golf, it does have some great banter.

Watch the full episode!