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Leonardo DiCaprio Rapping DWYCK Word for Word at His Own Birthday Party is NOT Cringe, It's Actually Really Cool

The New York Post loves to write headlines like this. "Leonardo DiCaprio BLASTED for CRINGE rap performance." Then you open up the article and see that they just pulled a few comments off of an Instagram reply with a couple hundred likes. I actually did the same thing earlier today with Paige Spiranac. It's what we call in the industry, "lying to the reader so you get more clicks."

But I'm not in the market of shaming white people for rapping in public. I'm of the belief that rapping in public as a white man is the bravest thing one can do. You're up against all odds. You have a less than 0% chance of coming out looking cool. At least not the first time. If you're a young white boy in the suburbs who decides to pursue a career in rapping, I have nothing but respect for you. Because when you make that decision to release a video of yourself rapping an original track onto the internet for your entire school to see, you are opening up yourself to a level of ridicule that would make most people in this world kill themselves. You instantly become a punchline. Every girl in the school will watch your video and have a visceral reaction to how exceptionally lame and unfuckable you look. And there's a 99.9999999999% chance that an embarrassing reputation is all you will ever get out of it. That takes fucking balls man. Pour one out for those kids.

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That's an entirely different beast than what Leonardo DiCaprio is doing, but I'm not in the market of shaming him either. It's the man's birthday. If we wants to rap Gang Starr than so be it. His immense wealth and immense amount of coolness help a lot as well. I'm honestly jealous of him. I love rapping along to songs. Either in my car, or at a place where there's not another person within a full square mile of me. I would never be caught dead doing it in public. But on the other hand, I've spent a lot of time perfecting certain raps… I can do Rigamortis by Kendrick Lamar from start to finish. It's a fast song. Took me fucking forever to get that down. I listened to nothing but that song for months. But never have I even considered doing it in front of people. The whole thing was a waste of my time. Nobody will ever know how cool I am for knowing that song. Never in 10 million years will I prove it either. That's just a fact for me, myself, and anybody reading this blog who actually believes me to know.

So for you Leo. I see you. That's a really neat white guy rap you have memorized there. Your friends all look really proud and impressed. I just know they think you're really cool for performing it publicly. Just like I would if I ever worked up the courage to do it myself. Not cringe at all.