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I Did Not Expect To Wake Up To This Comedian's Thanksgiving vs Christmas Battle Rap But Now I Can't Stop Listening To It

Eric D'Alessandro started as a big deal on Staten Island and has now become a big deal across the country. He's a comic who is also SUPER talented musically. He first popped up on the Barstool radar when he had a video blow up making fun of the rap industry. (trust me this was on the blog when it came out... I think Devnest ate it) 

He's also appeared on KFC Radio. 

It seems like 15 years now but people on Staten Island always shared his stuff on social, as he usually pokes fun at different types of characters on Staten Island as well as a bunch of other stuff that's super relatable to everyday situations and interactions. VERY … VERY talented guy.

So it was no shock to me when I saw this video and how well it was done. Very clever to incorporate a rap battle into the next two upcoming holidays. The HOT 97 cut aways just make it that much better. Comedically he nails it, great set up. But let's not cut the young man short … guy drops bars. I laughed the first time I watched it, then I re listened to the lines… the NO L (NOEL) line is a god damn banger. All timer for any diss track let alone a Thanksgiving vs Christmas battle rap. Guy nails it. 

Gimme more EJD ….