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Dave Portnoy Is In Danger Of Missing The Playoffs

Dave Kotinsky. Getty Images.

Dave Portnoy is reeling. The league's leading scorer is on a two game skid and now firmly in danger of missing the playoffs. He had some tough luck with Travis Kelce on a bye this week and Christian McCaffrey's TD streak coming to an end capped off by Josh Allen melting down on Monday Night.

But let's talk about Jake Marisnick and Andrew Benintendi. They are firmly in the race for the #1 spot. With almost their entire bench on a bye and the #1 overall pick on IR, they just continue to mow down the competition. CeeDee Lamb's emergence as a legit #1 overall WR fantasy player bolds nicely with Jefferson on his way back soon.

They're now tied with Trout for the #1 spot at 8-2 as Trout fell to Eric Hosmer, who needed a win more than anyone. Despite being 3rd in the league in scoring, is only 4-6. But he put a hurting on Mike Trout this weekend despite starting Gardner Minshew at QB.

Hoz got huge performances from Keenan Allen, TJ Hockenson, and Tyler Boyd (even with that drop!). Trout's Receivers continue to lead his squad but he didn't get enough from Jonnu Smith and Tyler Bass to stand a shot against Hosmer's monster week.

The former #1 overall team has now lost six straight as Mike Napoli has somehow fallen out of the playoffs. 

Nap started Will Levis with Tua on a bye but got underwhelming performances from Terry McLaurin and Mark Andrews. The team of JT Realmuto and Kyle Schwarber had their starting QB, Dak Prescott over 2x his projection. They only got two other double digit performances in Kenneth Walker III and Amari Cooper, but it was enough for the win! They move all the way up to 3rd place with that win. 

The streaking Manny Machado is now in 4th with a dominant win over last year's champ, Wil Myers who is having a tough season. Manny left Brian Robinson's 27.7 points on the bench and still won by 46 points. All this with Tyreek Hill on a bye!

Myers traded for Geno Smith this week which worked out, but he just doesn't have the firepower as he had no other players eclipse 14 points on the day. 

Meanwhile, a pivotal game that saw Mike Moustakas fall by 1.24 points dropped him to 10th and kept Joc Pederson, Austin Barnes, and Alex Wood in 5th. Moose got the most out of his team, but pretty sure he wishes he didn't start the Saints D/ST who only got him 1 point.

On the other side, despite a lackluster performance from Derrick Henry against a ferocious Buccaneers defense, Joc/Wood/Barnes got just enough from Lamar Jackson. But will they start Kyler Murray moving forward?

Shane Bieber and Austin Hedges are on fire and now firmly in the playoff race at 5-5. They traded for Brock Purdy and DK Metcalf this week and both players exceeded their projection.

On the other side, Alex Bregman and Brian McCann had a solid week with six players scoring 14+ points, but didn't have anyone score over 22 and continue to slide. Going Patrick Mahomes Round 2 has left this team in a tough spot. They'll need explosive performances from Bijan and Jonathan Taylor going forward to have a shot.

Here's where we stand through 10 weeks: