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Company Lays Off A Bunch Of Their Employees On Zoom, Except They Didn't Mute Their Mics And CHAOS Ensued

Pure chaos here. Rule number one of anything on a video conference app is to mute everyone, especially if you're announcing that everyone is getting let go. No brainer stuff there. Reminds me of that company that had their CEO lay off 900 employees on Zoom and the entire Internet went bananas. Imagine if they unmuted those 900 people and let them cook? You never like seeing stuff like this, especially knowing it can affect literally any industry but I'd be damned if I said this video wasn't a fascinating watch into a harsh reality situation like this one. 

Poor HR employee who had to sit there and listen to the entirety of everyone's complaints and couldn't say anything but "I understand your frustration". No bigger situation of getting thrown to the wolves there. You could feel the pain in that woman's voice who said "You guys bought us and royally fucked this company" and then proceeded to eviscerate some guy named David. We could use some of that passion at Barstool. No idea what's next for her, but may it be rewarding.

I'm not sure Billy is my first choice on who you want to read news from, but it seems like we get a similar story often in today's WFH era: 

Holiday season is here.