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The Sandman Channeled His Inner-Bobby Boucher After Running Into Mr. Coach Klein In Milwaukee

The Sandman strikes again! The man is a comedic genius! He's a marketing genius! He's a ticket-selling machine! He can't be stopped! It's impossible to watch this quick little reel the Sandman threw up on his instagram the other day as he was roaming around Milwaukee while on tour and ran into a statue of the Fonz aka Mister Coach Klein from the Waterboy (For all you young kids out there Happy Days was set in Milwaukee so I guess they have a Henry Winkler statue there) and immediately smile. You and I both know the Waterboy is one of the most underrated movies in Adam Sandler's filmography so it's always a nice callback whenever something like this happens. The man still has the Bobby Boucher down PACT.

And while we're here this is not an ad whatsoever, but this video was taken while the man himself is on his tour and let me tell ya....I went last year to his tour at his stop on Long Island and it was AWESOME. If you're a Sandler fan you will quite literally sit there laughing, hanging, and crying all night long and I wasn't kidding about the crying part. I sat there and bawled my eyes at multiple times in the evening.