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A 15th Birthday Party In 2023 Is Everyone Playing Fortnite In The Same Room And Frankly It Looks Awesome

I'll shoot you straight- when I first saw this I didn't want to sound too much like an old man yelling at cloud here due to back in the day when I was growing hot dogs only cost a nickel and we would do things like sporting events, bowling, laser tag, or dodgeball for birthday parties, but my first thought really was....So this is 2023 huh?!?!? Just a bunch of kids hanging out not talking to each other playing video games? Then I watched the video in question here for more than 2 seconds and realized this looks fucking AWESOME.

This quite literally may be the most fun birthday party of all-time when you really sit down and think about it. Was playing all that stuff at the laser tag park even fun if you were competing against kids you both loved and hated? I'll take hanging out with all my friends in the same apartment and playing Fortnite ANY DAY of the week. Good times. Good fun. Good laughs. Good Victories on the battlefield. And most importantly everyone is in the same room having fun!

Let's call a spade a spade- I'm 27 years old now and my friends and I doing that would probably be more fun than any Saturday night out we're gonna have in today's day and age. Not to mention we could order our favorite local pizzeria as opposed to the local laser tag spot's pies. This is a win all-around. Infinite fun. I'm gonna need to remember this blog if I ever force my future son to go play outside with his friends. Why play outside when everyone's rocking Fortnite anyways?