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NFL Week 10 Power Rankings: CJ Stroud Take a Bow!

10. Houston Texans

Tim Warner. Getty Images.

CJ Stroud... Need I say more? This kid has "it." CJ is so good that everyone in the Carolina Panthers front office should be fired for passing on him. When is the last time you've seen a QB with 15-2 TD-INT ratio after 10 weeks? What CJ Stroud is doing right now is fucking insane. I didn't think the Texans were going to turn it around this quick but they have. They are only one win away from doubling the amount of wins they had last year. Who knows, maybe they can make the playoffs?

9. Jacksonville Jaguars

Al Pereira. Getty Images.

Get shit on. You can not let someone come into your house and beat you 34-3. I'm sorry but that is simply unacceptable. You basically let them walk into your house, eat all your snacks, and bang your mom while you sat there and watched. Unpopular Opinion: Trevor Lawrence is not good and is extremely overrated. Any former #1 pick would be dragged through the mud if they played as poorly as Trevor has this year, but no one gives a fuck because he plays in Jacksonville. The Jags are a good team, but they're far away from being Super Bowl Contenders.

8. Dallas Cowboys

Mitchell Leff. Getty Images.

I can't give the Cowboys too much credit for beating the Italian kid from Jersey who still lives with mom and dad. No disrespect to DeVito, I wish I still lived with my mom and dad. Free food, no rent, clean house, it's the best. However, the Giants are fucking dog shit and so is DeVito. Just like Miami, the Cowboys are going to have to beat a good team if they want to be taken seriously.

7. Cleveland Browns

Nick Cammett. Getty Images.

I'm just gonna let Jeff D Lowe take this one. I couldn't have said it better myself.

6. Miami Dolphins

Patrick Smith. Getty Images.

Bye Week.

5. Detroit Lions

Rey Del Rio. Getty Images.

Betting the Lions -2.5 took years off my life, but it was totally worth it. How about them Detroit Lions! 7-2?? I mean you gotta be shitting me. The last time Detroit had something to be this proud of is when 8 mile dropped. I never thought I’d say these words but the Lions are for real.

4. San Francisco 49ers

Michael Owens. Getty Images.

I saw it coming from a mile away. The 49ers were free money on Sunday and if you didn’t tail, you’re an idiot. Everyone was throwing in the towel on them, but not me. You see when you have the greatest linebacking core 2000, odds are you’ll be just fine. The 49ers defense annihilated the Jags while Brock Purdy and the offense came back to life. The 49ers are back like they never left.

3. Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Sun. Getty Images.

As someone who bet the Browns +6.5 I still have no idea how they covered and won outright. This game felt like it was dead after half time. The ravens were doing everything they wanted, then balls just started going the other way. Is it a game they should have won? Absolutely. Is it something that will ruin their season? No chance. The ravens are as good as anybody and can easily find themselves playing for a Super Bowl.

2. Kansas City Chiefs

Cooper Neill. Getty Images.

Bye Week.

1. Philadelphia Eagles

Tim Nwachukwu. Getty Images.

Bye Week.