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The Future Is Here: A Pro Soccer Team Is Hiring A Full-Time Coach Based On Their Video Game Success

Oh fuck yeah, this is the dream. It's not like this is nothing either, Bromley is in the same league that Wrexham just got promoted from. One level away from being official league side. This is what we need though. Forget all the former players or anything like that when hiring someone, you should embrace the modern day analytics. Shit, we should be doing this for almost every sport. You're telling me an all-time Madden player can't help some of these coaches with clock management or when to go for it? Same goes for 2k and basketball. It's all about finding a weird brain and this is how you do it. 

Look, it takes anything and everything to get promoted here. You can't sit there and hope a couple actors buy your team, spend a shit ton of money and have it work that way. Go to the next best thing. A tactical coach who wins a video game event. Even funnier is this team is 4th in the National League right now. If you win the league you get promoted, then there's a playoff. They are alive for promotion. Gotta make the move happen now and get over the hump. 

This is going to be the future. Not head coaches, but you gotta have some guys on the sidelines who can provide something different. What's the point of just hiring a guy who got fired somewhere else? At least bring in something new and see if it works out. I'm all in on this. Shit, now I gotta figure out a way to play football manager and bring FC Cincinnati to a title and get my name in contention here.