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Patrick Mahomes Wearing The Same Pair Of Red Underwear Every Single Game Is Further Proof That You Need To Be Superstitious To Win Games

Quick question here, if this is working for Patrick Mahomes have we thought about trying this out for, say, Tommy DeVito? You know that man is wearing bright underwear. Gotta say, I'm a big superstition person and this just confirms that it's a legit thing you need in sports. If Mahomes can get off to one of the best starts we've ever seen from a quarterback's career because of red underwear, surely other people gotta start trying it out. Find whatever works, stick with it. 

Now, obviously some of this goes to Mahomes talent and the fact he has Travis Kelce and Andy Reid there. But in my mind it's at least 80% success because of red underwear. There's also something going on with red underwear and people in the NFL: 

It's a copycat league and this just proves it. Forget stealing plays and running the Tush Push. We're going to see red underwear pop up everywhere after the last couple weeks. Forget the no look passes, forget the backyard plays, the red underwear is all we need to know about Mahomes and the Chiefs success. If you're someone who believes in superstition just use this to defend yourself. Can't be worried what people think if you're putting on the same shirt for a game or having to sit in the same spot. It works and you can't tell me otherwise.