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Former NHL Top Pick Alex Galchenyuk's Arrest Video Is About As Bad As It Gets

Biggest take away from this video is how much scarier the Russian accent makes everything. Normal white dude saying that he's going to kill a guy's entire family and I am like "yeah yeah, shut the fuck up". Just totally dismiss it. That accent when he says "you know I am that Russian mother fucker"...I am preemptively going into witness protection. A Russian threatens me like that I am gladly eating egg noodles with ketchup for the rest of my life. And I know better in this situation. I've been watching Galchenyuk play hockey for the better part of a decade. I think he's kind of a pussy on the ice. I watched this clip and heard that accent and I am pretty sure he's already a serial killer. He's not in the NHL anymore. Google says he's playing for SKA St Petersburg, but I'd bet anything he's actually in the Wagner Group. 

This arrest happened on July 9th. Broad daylight in Scottsdale. Maybe this is why despite having all the talent in the world Galchenyuk played for 8 different teams since 2018 and couldn't find a job in this country. I try not to judge people by their worst moments, but Galchenyuk comes off like a genuine piece of shit in this video.