Dan Campbell Wants Lions Fans To Wear Diapers Because He Promises His Play Calling Will Make Them Shit Themselves

At what point do we just realize Dan Campbell is the going to go down as the best NFL coach quote of all time? We have the whole biting kneecaps, we have him at all times just being Dan Campbell and now we have him talk about adults wearing diapers. This ain't even a Taylor Swift concert, it's just a smart 4th and short call. You shouldn't shit your pants on 4th down. In fact we need more coaches to understand going for 4th down is actually good. 

I just can't get enough of the whole Dan Campbell and Lions story. It really is outrageous when you start thinking about it as a whole. Everyone wanted to mock the quotes early on when the Lions were losing. No one ever thought that the Lions would win, because, well, Lions. Then shit started to turn, Jared Goff figured some stuff out, they keep hitting in the draft. But ultimately, I said it at the time, this will still go down as the point Dan Campbell sort of showed the NFL he wasn't there to just fuck around:

Coach to win a game no matter what. Ruin other team's seasons, but also end on that note and look what it rolled into. Yes, they hit on the draft again. It took some time but Jahmyr Gibbs looks the part of that star. They just keep finding ways to get guys to buy into this system. 

Here's what I need though and fully expect Lions fans to be the one group to pull it off. You gotta show up to the next home game with diapers everywhere. You gotta embrace the fact you got a crazy coach who wants you to shit yourself. Hold up packs of diapers. Wear the gigantic one like the dancing episode of It's Always Sunny.  You now have a rallying cry for the playoffs.