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Sad Day For The Mafia: The Bills Are So Broken That Their Fans Are Now Fighting Each Other In The Stadium

One of the biggest calling cards for a bad football team is when the fans start to turn on each other in a violent and physical manner. There are fights in nearly every NFL stadium, let's be honest with ourselves here. The only stadiums you'll barely see any fights in are the ones that host truly great football teams. Teams and fanbases who have their sights deadlocked on a Super Bowl. When you've got a good team on your hands, those fans will often find themselves in some physical altercations with opposing fans. 

But when your team is awful? When there is no hope, the window is closed, and everything is a total disaster? Well that's when the fanbase starts to turn on each other. That's when you get guys wearing the same colors start to throw down against one another. It's a sad day, it's a bad day, and that day has finally come for the Bills Mafia. 

It's a shame because for the past 6 years or so, America has been enamored with Bills Mafia. It's not very often you get a fanbase in sports that is universally beloved, but that's where we were at with Bills fans. They were these lovable losers who finally had a team that gave them a chance of winning. People far and wide were all pulling for those lunatics in Orchard Park with their zubas and ketchup & mustard tailgate bukkakes. Our universal love for Bills fans only multiplied every time they jumped through a plastic table. But it looks like all of that is coming to an end. The quarterback is overrated, the head coach is a moron, the team is bad, and the fans are fighting each other in the crowd while "Shout" is being played in the background. That's just not what we need out of America's team. Shut it down. 

P.S. -- I've said it once, I've said it twice, and I'll probably say it at least 12 or 13 times again. We need designated fight club areas in NFL stadiums to make sure these scumbags don't take out any innocent bystanders as collateral damage.