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Trevon Diggs Wants Stefon To Quit On Buffalo


My god the Diggs family is so god damn dramatic. Anything happens at all and they say something. I feel this is like the 3rd time Trevon has commented something like this about Stefon. It's legit crazy. I cannot imagine being in a lockerroom with my teammates and they are all wondering if I want to leave the team because of something my brother tweeted. Just a bad look all around for Trevon, who to his credit has been a huge asset for the Cowboys number 2 ranked pass defense this season by being out since week 2.

And Stefon, yeah, it must suck to be on Buffalo this season with Josh Allen looking a bit lost and the Bills not living up to expectations, but let's pump the brakes for a second. Stefon is still top 5 in targets, catches, and yards- why would he need to get up outta there? Just a dumb tweet through and through, and says a lot about Trevon's mentality- quit on your teammates when you face adversity. The Cowboys way.