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UCLA Recruits On Official Visits Were The Ones Who Robbed Colorado's Locker Room At The Rose Bowl

On3 — It was a bizarre scene at the Rose Bowl on October 28 following Colorado‘s 28-16 loss to UCLA as a multitude of Buffaloes’ players discovered that their jewelry had been stolen from the visiting locker room. Who stole the jewelry was unknown until Sunday, when Pasadena Police confirmed the suspects tied to the theft were high school recruits on an official visit to UCLA.

In their statement, the Pasadena Police revealed the high schoolers allegedly took thousands of dollars in valuables from both locker rooms including jewelry, headphones, and cash according to an initial report by The Coach JB Show which was confirmed by Pasadena Police detectives.

The names of the juveniles haven’t been released, but reports suggest that they attend Beaumont High School Riverside County.

A previous statement by Pasadena PD read that a few stolen items belonging to Colorado Buffaloes football players and staff have been recovered and returned as they’ll now work toward further investigating the robbery.

I was never good enough at a sport to be recruited by a big college. But if I were and I was on an official visit to a school like UCLA, I'd probably be on my best behavior during my time on campus. At a bare minimum, I would try to avoid burglarizing the opposing locker room.

That's exactly what some recruits visiting the Rose Bowl for the Bruins' game against Colorado did, though. My guess is they'll now be looking at some schools considerably worse than UCLA.

Putting aside the decision to steal players' stuff from the locker room while you're on a campus visit and every move of yours is being tracked, why would you choose to do this to one of the most highly covered programs in the country that also runs its own small media empire? If you're going to do this, a school that doesn't have a dozen or so YouTube channels would be my first suggestion. All things considered, this might be one of the dumbest robberies of all-time.

These kids were begging to get caught.