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Promise This Is Somehow Real - An Arkansas Football Player Had To Apologize For Putting The Polar Express On A Locker Room TV While Losing 27-3 At Half

Every so often I see a story and wonder how the hell this is real. This is one of them. We're talking about Arkansas football. SEC, all that. But it shows you that college kids will always be dumb. It doesn't matter if you're an athlete or nerd or somewhere between, you will always do something dumb when in college. In this case it was playing The Polar Express at halftime this past weekend while losing 27-3: 

Fucking hilarious choice. I don't know how you stop on The Polar Express but this makes sense for why Arkansas is so bad. Not like PIttman's job is in question or anything like that. You gotta stop what you're doing when The Polar Express is on. Me personally? I'd find something else. If you really want a Christmas movie, go with something way better like Home Alone or Home Alone 2. Fire yourself up with a little Die Hard. 

That said, Pittman saying he didn't even know a TV was in there is peak football guy. Oh the locker room? I just thought it was a chalkboard. How the hell am I supposed to know a TV is in there? Just unbelievable. I promise, I searched this numerous times to make sure it was real. It is. It's a real quote, it's a real story. 

Makes a whole lot of sense now why Arkansas lost the second half 21-7. You can't get fired up from The Polar Express. That said, I need to know what the conversation was like when the kid apologized. I'd be perplexed as a coach. You put what on the TV? This is where we need mics and cameras at all times. Can't be out here watching The Polar Express at halftime in the SEC. 

Good news! It was only the other locker room: