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The Jets Need To Get Rid Of Robert Saleh This Offseason

Perry Knotts. Getty Images.

I think I'm done with the Robert Saleh Era. Based on results alone, it's been a failure. Saleh is 15-28 in two and a half seasons. I'm not saying it's entirely fair. The Jets would obviously be a much better team had Aaron Rodgers not gotten hurt. I don't even think Saleh is a bad coach necessarily. But I do know he's not a good one.

Some of this falls on Joe Douglas as well for not being quicker to make a move to replace Zach Wilson after Rodgers went down. Options did exist. Look at Josh Cobbs on the Vikings? Carson Wentz was just sitting out there for weeks. Could you have made some kind of deal for Jameis Winston? I know Wilson has shown flashes of being competent. But at the end of the day, the Jets have scored 31 points TOTAL for the last three games. Zach Wilson has one passing touchdown in the past five games. At some point, you are what you are. It's been three years of this.

No. Zach Wilson didn't do "a decent job". I understand Saleh has to balance the truth with not ruining Wilson's confidence but that was his 30th NFL start. He's not getting better. 

The Jets have been so bad for so long. This will be the 13th straight season they haven't made the playoffs. For a franchise known for being shitty, that's even a new low by Jets standards. The old Jets record for longest playoff drought was 11 seasons (1970-80). We are in uncharted territory now.

This isn't an Adam Gase situation where the guy in charge was a horrible head coach. Saleh is competent. But that's clearly not enough. It may be unfair to get rid of him after a season where Aaron Rodgers was gone by the 5th play. But why hasn't Zach Wilson gotten any better under Saleh? You watch the Chiefs or Dolphins and it's like they aren't just a better team but playing a totally different sport offensively. 

This stair climbing shit is cute if you are winning 10 or more games a season. It's fucking weird and hardo when you have a .349 career winning percentage. Just win a fucking game. You think Andy Reid and Bill Belichick are running up and downstairs before a game? The only time you see Belichick running is shirtless from someone's house. 

I will say this is coming from a point of frustration. I don't even know who would replace Saleh. Would Jim Harbaugh consider the Jets if he left Michigan? Ben Johnson is the offensive coordinator for the Lions. The Jets need an offensive spark. Could he be a fit? I am just so frustrated with the status quo and I'm not alone.