Bhad Babie Posted Her Only Fans Income Statement And She's REALLY Rich

Well, well, well!!!! Do you think $18 million in one month is good? Let me say that again...$18 MILLION DOLLARS in ONE MONTH is what Bhad Babie made on the first month she joined everyone's favorite website in Only Fans. For those of you not in the know Bhad Babie is the queen that rose to fame back in the day on Dr. Phil after she yelled at the audience to catch her outside (how about that) and when she turned 18 she she happened to start an Only Fans page! She's clearly now dunking on literally everyone who has ever made fun of her as she's revealed those monster numbers.

The numbers clearly are $18 million first month followed by an array of $6 million, $4 million, and multiple months still raking in over a million in what proves that Bhad Babie was the smartest 18-year-old ever. She's making $7 million more in a month than fucking Travis Kelce for christ's sake! This man is basically getting his body into a car accident every for 20's Sunday a year, dating Taylor Swift, appearing in every commercial under the sun and Bhad Babie is making $7 million more than him in one measly month on Only Fans!

There is nothing else you can do but tip your cap to Ms. Bregoli for taking over the world. Nothing but respect for the Madame President of Only Fans.

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