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Bo Jackson Telling Josh Jacobs To 'Run Motherfuckers Over' Is Easily Going To Be The Turning Point For The Rest Of The Raiders Season

I know Bo Jackson wasn't around incredibly long. I know his stats don't look the part. But if you're old enough to remember him playing or ever played Tecmo Bowl once in your life you know this feels like cheating. Having Bo Jackson tell your running back just to run motherfuckers over all while they just got rid of Josh McDaniels? This is Mark Davis' dream. This is what the Raiders are supposed to be.

 I know it's cliche and probably dumb, but the Raiders should have a dominant running back and a bunch of fast ass receivers. That's how I always picture the Raiders, that's how the Raiders should be. It's crazy how different this Raiders team is simply by getting rid of a shitty coach. They are happy, they are winning (granted Jets and Giants, it still counts), they are smoking cigars in the locker room. 

It makes even more sense that they kept talking about how Antonio Pierce wants to build around running back. You shouldn't build around a running back, unless that running back ends up signing a cheap deal and gets Bo Jackson in his ear. Step 1 to getting back to making a playoff game. No word on winning said playoff game, but back in it. It might seem crazy that Josh Jacobs gets to help design his runs and gives his sense for the gameplan, but again, how do you not? Antonio Pierce is trying to figure out how to keep winning and getting Bo Jackson was the obvious first step.