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Having A Rocket For An Arm Is The Manliest Thing A Guy Can Do


I'll cut to the chase: I have a rocket for an arm. The best arm at all of Barstool Sports. I've proven this time and time again with my speed pitch heroics at White Sox games: 

If this isn't enough proof for you, I also am the only person to ever emasculate another man so badly with my right arm that he considered suicide.

True story - IYKYK

It's for those reasons, amongst others, that I was thrilled that having a rocket for an arm dropped to me in this week's snake draft, because as the title of this blog suggests - having a cannon for an arm the manliest thing a guy can do. Not using power tools, not having chest hair, none of that garbage. Throwing things really fast and really hard. 

Some of the most manly men to ever man have cannons for right arms. Guys like Kenny Powers and guys like Dubya:

Giphy Images.

Goddamn I love throwing things far and fast to prove my toughness and masculinity. It's the BEST. Tune into today's episode to find out what all the twinks I work with decided to draft. The "Manly Shit" snake draft is LIVE!!!