Grammy Nominated Artist Tried To Ruin Everyone's Flight By Singing Her Song Like A Psychopath and Absolute Genius

1) I absolutely HATE this woman. If I wanted to hear you sing I will buy a ticket to see you in person on gametime or stream your song. I paid for my airline ticket to sit in fucking silence in a crammed metal tube for several hours. Nobody should be allowed to cause one extra ounce of discomfort. This level of arrogance and self-righteousness should get you on a no-fly list and prohibited from ever getting a Grammy nomination again. 

2) The Flight Leader (he earned the capitalized formal title writing) is a bigger hero than Captain Sully. Nipped it in the bud immediately. He's been on too many flights and seen too many fights start with one person thinking they can do whatever they want in his cabin. 

3) Credit where it is due...this lady can fucking sing. She says she sings for the Lord and that is because she has the voice of an angel. I don't ever want to hear it again out of principle, but she can sing.

4) She is also a marketing genius. Being an asshole on flights in the #1 way to go viral. She dropped the name, the nomination, the title of the song, everything. I NEVER would've heard the name Bobbi Storm in my entire life if not for her disgusting airline antics. 

I really hope this doesn't become a hack. She walked the line pretty carefully here and had a voice to back it up. If we get to a place where tiktokers and soundcloud stars try to pop off by being obnoxious on airlines I will have no choice but to get insanely rich so I can fly private. I never had the motivation to become a 1%er, but this would do it.