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Sam Howell Is The Guy


No fanbase uses the phrase "The Guy" more than Washington's. All we talk about night in and night out, typing on Twitter until our fingers and thumbs bleed, is if Sam Howell is "the guy" or not the guy. And I think it can firmly be said at that at this exact moment, Sam Howell is in fact THE GUY.

It's very hard to become The Guy in the NFL. There's not that many The Guys out there. Sometimes it takes a few seasons to figure out if "A Guy" is "THE Guy". Josh Allen, for example, is a great example of a guy who turned into the guy, but still even right now has people questioning his guy-ness. Same with Justin Herbert. Definitely, 100% a guy but people aren't convinced he is the guy. 

And then you have non-guys, guys who have proven they aren't The Guy. Mac Jones, Zach Wilson, and Daniel Jones, for example. NOT Guys. Add Pickett into there too. 

And then you have The Guys. Mahomes, Burrow, Hurts, Lamar. Probably can throw Stroud in there, and maybe Trevor Lawrence? Is Trevor The Guy? That would be a debate I could hear both sides of.

And then there is Sam Howell. I'm ready to call him The Guy. He has been so impressive this season, has continually gotten better and improved. Every week he is making superstar caliber throws, despite being protected by a JV-level offensive line. He's smart, accurate, mobile, and has a cannon of an arm. Look at these last 3 games:



That's Guy stuff.

Sam Howell is the quarterback in Washington. The search is over. He is the guy for the next 10 years to lead us to Super Bowls, a new stadium in DC, and happiness as football fans once again. I'm saying it here, on the record! What could POSSIBLY go wrong!